Ultrasound Is The Safest Modality.

Ultrasound uses low-intensity sound waves to produce an image, as compared with computed tomography and nuclear medicine that work on the principle of x-ray which is harmful .During pregnancy ultrasound scan is considered as safe for both child and mother. According to research prenatal ultrasound has no side effect on the growth and development of the fetus.

Is Multiple Ultrasound Scans will Affect My Baby Growth.

Multiple ultrasound scans do not affect baby growth or development. Sound waves are transmitted through your womb which bounces back the echo from the baby’s body and an image has appeared on the screen.so a sonographer technologist will be able to see the movements and position of the baby .Length and frequency of the sound waves depend upon the fact the pregnancy weeks and the type of scan being performed.
During an antenatal scan, less heat is produced mostly 1°C. if the heat is 1°C then it will be fine for your and baby health. And if the temperature increases by 4-5°C then it will be harmful to both mother and baby.
The type of scanning used on regular basis is a 2D picture of a baby. Sometimes 3D and 4D scans also performed but it is also safe for the patient because in this two-dimensional images are converted into a picture. Power intensity is same for both.

Need Of Additional Ultrasound.

In the following conditions, you may need additional ultrasound scan during pregnancy.

  • If you are expecting twins or more.
  • If you are hypertensive, Increased blood pressure is not good a sign during pregnancy.
  • Have raised BMI.
  • If you are a diabetic patient.
  • If you are having history of having complication during previous pregnancy,

Other Type Of Scan That Can Be Done During Pregnancy.

Doppler may be done additionally  to check
  • Blood flow
  • A placenta is working normally or not mean it delivering nutrients and oxygen to the baby properly or not.
CTG(cardiotocography) is done additionally in order to listen baby heart beat and maintain the low intensity and should be performed by the trained professional. as, increase intensity can be harmful to the fetus.

Safety Measure Which Should Be Used By a Trained Sonographer Technologist.

The scan should be performed by a highly professional and experienced sonographer technologist. Sonographer must know that
  • Scan should be performed briefly if mother is having fever
  • Do not still the probe at one position for a long time.
  • During early weeks doppler especially with transvaginal probe should be avoided as the fetus is developing still.
  • At the 12 weeks of pregnancy, your baby bones start to form and become harder with the passage of time and that why in late pregnancy period fetal skull is considered as the most sensitive part to be imaged.

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