Although the title surgical assistant and surgical technologist are more often used interchangeably in the field of medical or in a  medical field, there is a huge difference between them, as well as alternative names is given to each of them.


Mostly the term or title  surgical technician is used for someone who has some experience on the job training with little to no supplemental education, whereas a surgical technologist is the one who has his or her proper degree from an accredited program.
The Surgical technologist is the member of a surgical team that mostly work in the operating room.Their duties are
  •   Maintain sterile conditions and environment.
  •   Prepare patient and send them to the OT(operation theater).
  •   Setting up surgical instruments and all equipment that required during the surgery.
  •   Preparing the operating room for surgery.

The Surgical technologist is the proper term that is used in a surgical team but they are also sometimes called as operating room technologist, surgical technician or sometimes simply scrubs.

After the completion of a degree or certified diploma from an accredited institution a surgical technologist becomes eligible to gave an exam to become or qualify as a  certified surgical technologist (CST) or a Tech In Surgery-certified (TS-C).which will significantly improve the earning potential.


Surgical assistance is also considered as a part of the operating room.These professionals can do all work that surgical technologist do.But they have a strong hands-on role during surgery.Surgical assistance helps the surgeons during the following task.
  • Suturing.
  • Holding retractors.
  • Sponging.
  • Homeostasis.
  • Treating wounds.

They are also called as non-physician surgical assistance or first assistance.Some surgical assistance enters the profession by taking a surgical assistant degree from a certified institution.While other begin as surgical technologists and receive training and additional experience to become on the assistant position.

Once certified the surgical assistance can become a Certified First Assistant(CFA) or Certified Surgical Assistance (CSA).Like CST and TS-C this certification also helps to increase the income potential.

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