Excessive and unwanted hairs that grow on women’s body especially on the face, chin, and abdomen is a condition called hirsutism.

Why do women grow excessive or unwanted hair?

Women develop facial hair due to higher levels of androgens, including testosterone. All females produce androgens, but the levels remain low. Certain medical conditions can cause a woman to produce too many androgens. It can cause male-pattern hair growth.

PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome) are one of the common cause of hirsutism.
1. Pelvic pain.
2. Infertility.
3. Headache .
4. Sleep problems.
5. Mood swings.

Now we will discuss which method is better electrolysis or laser?

These two methods, laser, and electrolysis are considered so far one of the best methods to get rid of facial hairs in women.
as we know facial hairs can be annoying as it can not be hidden by any under clothes.


Although the laser procedure can be useful for the women with dark and light hairs.but laser target pigments (dark hairs).Advancement is made in laser technology for those that don’t fit the light skin or dark hair profile using a combination of two.
1 radio frequency. 
2. laser.

Electrolysis :

Electrolysis can be done on anyone despite the fact that the women have light or dark hair as electrolysis does not target dark pigment, it affects the hair follicle itself.

NO of sessions how many sessions is needed??

A laser is considered as permanent hair reduction whereas electrolysis is considered as permanent hair removal.

 Laser :

  • less time-consuming.
  • to gave u an idea about timing  I can saw it will take about 40 minutes on the face.
  • usually, 5-6 sessions are required but it also depends upon on your hormonal levels and clinical conditions.


  •  Every hair follicle is treated individually so it is more time consuming as I can see it will take 30 minutes to treat an eyebrow with an experienced technician.
  • It will take 15-30 sessions are needed to get the best results although it is time -consuming but a permanent hair removal method.The session is charged as per hour.


Which one is economical electrolysis or laser hair removal?

Laser :

Each visit averages 150-800$ depends upon the size of the area being treated.

An average 30 minute is session is about 45$.

Comparison of pain which one is more painful?

Both the procedure is painful to some extent.

Laser :
It depends purely on the patient pain receptors.everyone has its own tolerance towards pain.
Electrolysis: It has a stinging and pricking sensation as each follicle has to go through the same procedure.

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