Only Surgeons and Nurses are not vital part in an operating room when patient life is on a critical point. Surgical technologist and operating technologist also play an important role in surgery by supporting the surgeon. Surgical technologist and operating technologist is highly trained and specialized staff that assists the surgeon during surgery.


When the technologist assists surgeon in the scrub role is called surgical technologist. And when the technologist assists the surgeon in an operating room or either circulating here and there provided the things needed for the surgery is called operating technologist.

Preparation and Duties of Surgical Technologist for Surgery.

  • Before surgery, a list of supplies is given to the technologist that are required in surgery during the whole procedure.
  • The list included the surgeon demands that how does he want the room to be organized for the surgery.
  • The area surrounding the patient during surgery is called as a sterile field.
  • Surgery team including surgical technologist who is supposed to work in the sterile field must scrub and put sterile gowns and gloves.
  • Surgical technologist first scrubs for the procedure and after that, it is the responsibility of the surgical technologist to assist the remaining team member in gowning and providing gloves.
  • Retraction and suction as directed during surgery are provided by the scrub technologist.
  • Surgical technologist provides the necessary sponge, and other instruments and does this surgical technologist must have deep knowledge of the procedure and experience as well. Surgeon always want the desired instrument that he needs so that it does not break the surgeon concentration.

Duties of Operating Room Technologist.

  • Prepare the operating room.
  • Provide additional instrument that is required by the surgeon and scrubs surgical assistance.
  • Shift the patient in the recovery room.
  • They clean room before and after surgery.
  • To make sure all surgical tools are sterile.

Education and Career.

Two-year degree or one-year associate degree is required to enter into this profession. By upgrading your degree and making your hand strong in clinical practice you will be able to become skilled surgical assistance. According to the Bureau May 2019 statistics, an Average salary of the technologist is $48,300 per year and $23.22 per hour.


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